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How to Infuse YOU into Your Photography
Karen Hutton
with Karen Hutton
lessons: 15 Course Lessons
duration: 1hr, 23min
published: 2018
watched: 3293 Member Views
How to Infuse YOU into Your Photography
with Karen Hutton
Learn how to incorporate your unique voice into your photography! Join Karen Hutton on location in Lake Tahoe, California and learn how to see the world in a whole new way. In this class Karen explores what it really means to see a scene, how to get yourself grounded in your environment as preparation for taking photographs, how to use compositional guidelines to convey your messages, how to work the area you are photographing, and so much more! When you get in touch with your unique way of seeing the world you can being to express yourself in new ways. Get out of your comfort zone, open yourself up to new experiences, and have fun telling your your story through your photography. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Visual Gold (free course preview)
Karen introduces the class and discusses what will be covered in the lessons that follow.
1min, 14sec
lesson 2: Carve Up the Scene
Look for the little vignettes that tell the story of the scene.
6min, 49sec
lesson 3: What Does it Mean to Really See a Scene?
Karen delves into an exploration of what it means to see when you arrive on a location.
1min, 36sec
lesson 4: Listening is the Key to Understanding
Karen makes the case for being mentally prepared before you take your first photo.
4min, 8sec
lesson 5: Getting Grounded
Here’s a simple process for getting grounded and in touch with what you are feeling in the moment.
9min, 43sec
lesson 6: Applying Yourself to Your Photography
Now that you are grounded in the moment you can apply your new awareness to how you see the scene.
2min, 33sec
lesson 7: Convey Emotion
Learn how you can convey emotion in your landscape photography.
3min, 25sec
lesson 8: Compositional Guides
There are certain guidelines you can apply to your composition to help convey what you are feeling.
6min, 18sec
lesson 9: Keep Asking Why
Asking and answering the question of why will help you tell the story.
39 sec
lesson 10: Work the Area
In this lesson Karen puts all the pieces together and demonstrates how she works the area.
13min, 13sec
lesson 11: Choice and Specificity
You want to develop the ability to make strong and specific choices in your landscape photography.
2min, 23sec
lesson 12: Completing Your Vision
Returning to the studio, Karen takes us through some of her photos to demonstrate how she tells a story with her landscape photography.
8min, 13sec
lesson 13: Post Processing Examples
Karen shares the steps she takes post processing several photos from the previous shoot.
11min, 26sec
lesson 14: Deeper Dive Into Post Processing
After a quick exploration of her post processing steps in the previous lesson, Karen takes a deeper dive into processing a single photo.
8min, 24sec
lesson 15: See Your World
Karen wraps up the class with some closing thoughts to help you move forward with your photography.
2min, 57sec
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Karen Hutton
meet  Karen Hutton
Fine Art Landscape & Travel Photographer & Fujifilm X-Photographer
Karen Hutton is an international landscape and travel photographer, artist, speaker, author, educator, and voice. She is a Professional Fujifilm-X Photographer and has been featured in Talks at Google, Photo Plus Expo and on Stuck in Customs, TWiP, Macphun Software,, The Grid, and Rick Sammon’s DPE Podcast. Karen currently lives in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.
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