The Art of Digital Photography: The Inspirational Series with Kevin Gilbert

Watch The Art of Digital Photography: The Inspirational Series with Kevin Gilbert

Join Mia McCormick and Kevin Gilbert as they sit down to discuss Kevin’s inspiring 30 career as a photo journalist and educator. Being a photo journalist has enabled Kevin to travel the world, bring back photographs from 70 different countries, and cover subjects ranging from tribal cultures to world leaders. Always on the look out for the coming trends in the field Kevin made the transition from film to digital while still holding dear to the concept of getting it right in camera. From working with newspapers to large production companies to starting companies of his own, Kevin’s get it done attitude has opened the door to a world of opportunities. watch trailer | watch course

Lesson 1 : On Getting Started
Lesson 2 : On Working on Big Productions
Lesson 3 : On Getting it Right in Camera
Lesson 4 : On Starting Your Own Company
Lesson 5 : On Not Being Afraid of an Assignment

Kevin Gilbert | Award-Winning Photojournalist, Teacher & Photography Evangelist

Kevin Gilbert

Kevin is an award-winning photojournalist, teacher, and entrepreneur. For over 30 years, Kevin has shot news and features of the world, from the White House, to Super Bowls, to back lot sets of TV reality shows. He founded Blue Pixel, a digital creative group, and consults for big names in the industry. He also leads PhotoCoaches™, teaching people to enjoy the happiness of taking pictures!

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