Photographing the Moon, Stars and Milky Way

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Watch Photographing the Moon, Stars and Milky Way

Landscape photography doesn't end when the sun goes down! Join Jennifer Wu, a Canon Explorer of Light, as she guides you through everything you need to know to start photographing stars and the night sky. You'll learn about the equipment you need to capture the scene, how to research your subjects, the importance of scouting your location, the key camera settings, how to post process your photographs, and so much more!

Lesson 1 : Introduction
Lesson 2 : Equipment
Lesson 3 : Finding the Milky Way and the Moon
Lesson 4 : Camera Settings
Lesson 5 : Focusing
Lesson 6 : Scouting Locations
Lesson 7 : Composition
Lesson 8 : Photographing the Moon
Lesson 9 : Painting with Light
Lesson 10 : Post Processing
Lesson 11 : Blending Multiple Photos Together
Lesson 12 : Time-lapse Photography

Jennifer Wu | Nature/Landscape Photographer, Specializing in the Night Sky/Stars

Jennifer Wu

Nature and landscape photographer, Jennifer Wu, specializes in creating stunning images of the night sky and stars. In 2009, Jennifer was selected as a Canon Explorer of Light. She is the co-author and photographer of the book Photography Night Sky: A Field Guide to Shooting After Dark and has been published in numerous publications including Fortune, Outdoor Photography, Shutterbug, Bloomberg, and Time.

Watch Photographing the Moon, Stars and Milky Way

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