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Photoshop Color Strategies
John Paul Caponigro
with John Paul Caponigro
Photoshop Color Strategies
lessons: 22 Course Lessons
duration: 2hr, 53min
published: 2010
watched: 514 Member Views
Photoshop Color Strategies
with John Paul Caponigro
True mastery of color requires not only knowing how to use the various color tools available to you, but also knowing how to choose between them, when to apply them, and why to apply them to achieve specific color effects. You can combine all of this new knowledge to craft your own unique artistic signature style. Put the unprecedented power and precision of digital color to work for you and your images now. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: What is Color? (free course preview)

Defining color and examining the components that make up color

12min, 4sec
lesson 2: Memory

Making records of color is helpful in remembering specific colors

3min, 49sec
lesson 3: Optical Effects

There are a lot of factors that influence how we see color. It is important to know them

9min, 26sec
lesson 4: Side by Side Comparison

Aid your visual thinking using variations, masks, and duplicates

5min, 12sec
lesson 5: Infinite Variations

Photoshop is a very powerful tool. Take time to explore possibilities when working with color

5min, 36sec
lesson 6: Three Types of Color

Ideal color, ambient light, and synthetic are three classifications that will help organize your colors

6min, 41sec
lesson 7: Structure a Color Palette

This is an important early step for all visual artists who want to establish a distinct style

11min, 8sec
lesson 8: Color Psychology

We respond physically and psychologically to color

10min, 25sec
lesson 9: Light Filled Images

How to use components of color to make images seem more light filled

3min, 25sec
lesson 10: Luminosity

Luminosity is something our minds use to interpret form, volume, and space

10min, 49sec
lesson 11: Increase Hue Contrast

Manipulating hue contrast will add energy to your images

9min, 17sec
lesson 12: Reduce Hue Contrast

Blend objects together or spread the ambient energy throughout the entire image

10min, 13sec
lesson 13: Increase Saturation

Saturation acts as a kind color volume

6min, 26sec
lesson 14: Reduce Saturation

Quiet the image by reducing the saturation of color

4min, 40sec
lesson 15: Neutrals

These are memory colors that help us to see tiny shifts in hue because they act as a standard

9min, 22sec
lesson 16: Selectivity

Simple selections, gradients, blurred selections and selection tools

8min, 18sec
lesson 17: Atmospheric Perspective

An important principle that deals with the push and pull of the three components of color

6min, 28sec
lesson 18: Color of Shadows and Highlights

Important to consider when producing ambient effects

8min, 16sec
lesson 19: Night

Simulate the ambient effect of night

5min, 41sec
lesson 20: Inversion

Inverting luminosity and inverting hue to produce some unique effects

9min, 21sec
lesson 21: Transpose Natural Color

Enhance the color values inside the image by pulling the colors of one object onto another

11min, 56sec
lesson 22: Synthetic Color

Thinking in new ways and imagining the possibilities of what we can do with color

5min, 8sec
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