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Behind the Lens: In-Depth Portfolio Reviews, with Joe McNally and Scott Kelby

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Watch Behind the Lens: In-Depth Portfolio Reviews, with Joe McNally and Scott Kelby

Join Joe and Scott for an evening of no-holds-barred portfolio critiques, stories, and laughs. Joe graciously provides his expert, constructive insights to help beginners and experienced shooters alike improve their portfolio. More experienced photographers often get to a point where takeaways and suggestions are rare. Joe’s unique way of seeing into photographs, coupled with his years of experience, and absolutely entertaining delivery style, makes this live night at the Tampa Improv a must watch class for any photographer. watch course

Lesson 1 : Introduction
Lesson 2 : Embrace the Critique
Lesson 3 : Brian L Portfolio Review
Lesson 4 : Blind Critiques Continued
Lesson 5 : John V Portfolio Review
Lesson 6 : Blind Critiques Continued Again
Lesson 7 : Nancy L Portfolio Review
Lesson 8 : Tim S Portfolio Review
Lesson 9 : Stephanie R and Eric W Portfolio Reviews
Lesson 10 : Eric W Portfolio Continued
Lesson 11 : Brian D and Jen T Portfolio Review
Lesson 12 : Kathy P Portfolio Review
Lesson 13 : Wrap Up

Joe McNally | Master of Portraits & World Leader in Flash Education

Joe McNally

Joe McNally is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning photographer whose career has spanned over 30 years and included assignments in over 70 countries. Bridging the world between photojournalism and advertising, he has shot cover stories for TIME, Newsweek, Fortune, New York, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, Men's Journal, Sports Illustrated, and National Geographic.

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