The Art of Digital Photography: The Inspirational Series with Jay Maisel

Lesson 1: Random Acts of Kindness
Published: December 2014 with Jay Maisel & Mia McCormick
Duration: 56 minutes
Random Acts of Kindness

About Course

Jay Maisel is an internationally acclaimed photographer who is equally gifted in his ability to distill the wisdom earned from decades of capturing light, color, and gesture through the lens of his camera. Join Mia McCormick as she spends an hour as a guest in Jay’s iconic home discussing topics that range from the aspirations of his youth to how the transition from film to digital opened the doors to new photographic opportunities. Over the course of their conversation Jay reflects on lessons learned from professional assignments, personal projects, and life itself. Jay is a true living legend, and getting the chance to hear him speak will leave you amused, inspired, and reaching for your camera.