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Streamline Your Workflow with the Adobe Lightroom Mobile App
Josh Haftel
with Josh Haftel
lessons: 10 Course Lessons
duration: 55min
published: 2016
watched: 2419 Member Views
Streamline Your Workflow with the Adobe Lightroom Mobile App
with Josh Haftel
Streamline your mobile photography workflow with Lightroom Mobile! Join Josh Haftel, senior product manager at Adobe, as he teaches you how to use Lightroom Mobile to import, organize, edit, and share your mobile photography, as well as how you can synchronize it all with Lightroom on your desktop and Lightroom Web. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)
Join Josh as he introduces the class and discusses what will be covered in the lessons that follow.
25 sec
lesson 2: Get Started
It all begins with configuring Lightroom on your desktop to sync with your mobile devices using Lightroom Mobile.
3min, 10sec
lesson 3: Creating Collections
Photos are synced between devices using collections in Lightroom Desktop and Mobile.
6min, 38sec
lesson 4: Mobile Editing: Basic
Lightroom Mobile contains a growing number of editing tools for adjusting how your photos look.
13min, 50sec
lesson 5: Mobile Editing: Advanced
Lightroom Mobile can perform some advanced editing using tools like split toning, HSL, Dehaze, and more.
7min, 11sec
lesson 6: Sharing Photos
From Lightroom Mobile, you can share your photos directly to various social media outlets, via the web, and more.
2min, 52sec
lesson 7: Lightroom Mobile Settings
Learn how to configure Lightroom Mobile’s settings to suit your workflow.
3min, 48sec
lesson 8: Lightroom Camera
There is a camera module built right into Lightroom Mobile.
2min, 33sec
lesson 9: Lightroom Web
A lesser known component of the mobile experience is Lightroom on the Web, which gives you access to your photos synced through Lightroom Mobile, as well as the ability to edit them, share them, and more.
9min, 18sec
lesson 10: Using Multiple Devices
Using the same Adobe ID you can sync your collections across any number of iOS or Android devices.
5min, 34sec
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Josh Haftel
meet  Josh Haftel
Adobe's Product Manager for Lightroom Mobile
Josh graduated with a degree in photography from Rochester Institute of Photography. Throughout his career Josh has managed consumer products for Nik Software, Google, and now Adobe. In his spare time, he enjoys interacting with inspiring photographers around the world, travels extensively, and delights in epicurean explorations of the highest order.
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