Perfect Posing Techniques for Wedding Photographers

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Watch Perfect Posing Techniques for Wedding Photographers

Join wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis as he teaches you to pose the bride, the groom, and the family to bring out their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. He recommends ways to make everyone feel more confident and relaxed to have everyone look and feel amazing. <br> <br> This class is perfect for the intermediate or professional photographer needing help refine and finesse poses for wedding portraits.

Lesson 1 : Mirroring is Your Best Friend
Lesson 2 : Posing the Bride
Lesson 3 : Posing the Groom: Part 1
Lesson 4 : Posing the Groom: Part 2
Lesson 5 : Posing the Couple: Part 1
Lesson 6 : Posing the Couple: Part 2
Lesson 7 : Posing a Group
Lesson 8 : Fantastic Family Shots

Jerry Ghionis | Master Wedding Photographer

Jerry Ghionis

Jerry’s style can be described as vintage glamour meets contemporary fashion. Renowned for his creativity, he has the ability to capture a wedding day’s natural magic and create powerful visual stories. American Photo Magazine named Jerry in the first-ever list of Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the World. He’s continued to rack up noteworthy awards from professional photography groups like WPPI, AIPP, PPA, and PDN.

Watch Perfect Posing Techniques for Wedding Photographers

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