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Picture-Perfect Lighting Techniques for Wedding Photographers
Jerry Ghionis
with Jerry Ghionis
Beautiful light is all around us and Jerry Ghionis is a master at finding the best light for making wedding photos look downright magical. Jerry believes that location means nothin... READ MORE
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Picture-Perfect Lighting Techniques for Wedding Photographers
lessons: 15 Course Lessons
duration: 1hr, 39min
published: 2012
watched: 2885 Member Views
Picture-Perfect Lighting Techniques for Wedding Photographers
with Jerry Ghionis
Beautiful light is all around us and Jerry Ghionis is a master at finding the best light for making wedding photos look downright magical. Jerry believes that location means nothing without beautiful light, whether it is found out of doors, standing next to a window, or from artificial sources. Join Jerry on an action-packed, non-stop series of wedding shoots that range from indoor window light to candle-lit romantic tables to the nighttime lights of the city, as he shares an endless supply of professional tips and tricks on everything from posing your subjects to getting proper exposure in every form of light you can find. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: It's All About the Quality of the Light (free course preview)

Jerry jumps right into the class by starting on location with a male model (as if shooting a groom on his wedding day) and shares his thoughts on light, posing, and exposure.

10min, 2sec
lesson 2: Shooting the Groom

Continuing the shoot, Jerry varies the poses and techniques for shooting a groom getting dressed on his wedding day.

6min, 56sec
lesson 3: Working with a Couple in Window Light

After a few more classic groom poses Jerry brings in the bride-to-be for a couples shoot.

13min, 52sec
lesson 4: Shooting the Bride

Taking advantage of the awesome window light on hand, Jerry works through a series of poses with the bride.

4min, 49sec
lesson 5: New Bride and Location

A change in location and model brings new opportunities for learning how to work with the light.

7min, 26sec
lesson 6: Seated Poses for the Groom

Incorporating furniture into the shoot can open up new posing opportunities to work within the available light.

5min, 9sec
lesson 7: Using Reflective Light

Using the light reflecting off of a surface provides a soft beautiful light on the face with lovely hair light coming from behind. This lesson is shown in black and white to help focus on the tonality of the reflective light.

4min, 57sec
lesson 8: Guided by the Light

Always choose where you shoot based on the light, not the location.

4min, 31sec
lesson 9: Creating Directional Light in Open Shade

Creating subtle shadows on the face will add depth, mood, and dimension to the photos. This lesson is shown in black and white to help focus on the quality of the light.

4min, 53sec
lesson 10: Creating Dynamic Shots in Unique Locations

When being guided by the light you can create amazing poses and compositions in all sorts of locations as long as the light is there.

4min, 34sec
lesson 11: Candles and Fairy Lights

Available daylight is wonderful and versatile, but you can have a lot of fun with other light sources too.

8min, 11sec
lesson 12: Video Light and On-Camera Speedlight

Of course the other most common source of light will be your own speedlights or the light from an LED video light.

7min, 18sec
lesson 13: Lamp Light

Sometimes a wedding location will present a variety of opportunities for shooting with regular tungsten lamps, and maybe even a few mirrors. Have fun!

7min, 57sec
lesson 14: Working with a Street Light

Staying alert to the available light sources around you can lead to incredibly creative opportunities that would have otherwise been missed. Do mind the traffic.

4min, 30sec
lesson 15: Making Magic

The light from ordinary store signs and Christmas lights can make for magical night time shots with your couples.

4min, 43sec
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