Setup, Shoot, and Photoshop: Creating a Commercial Photography Package

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Watch Setup, Shoot, and Photoshop: Creating a Commercial Photography Package

No matter what kind of professional photographer you are (portrait, Wedding, artistic, etc.) chances are at one point or another, a local business owner will approach you for pictures. Instead of turning him/her away or flubbing the job, join Jim DiVitale as he switches back and forth between a location shoot and his desktop to show you how to set up, shoot and process a fairly standard commercial shoot that would make any local business owner incredibly happy. In this class, Jim covers everything you need to know to get some great interior shots for a local business, professional headshots of the staff or owner, and even a couple artistic and special effects shots to wow the client. In the end, your client will have a multitude of shots that can be used in print material, business cards, websites and commercials, and you'll have a new vertical for your business. Includes a bonus class covering outdoor shots.

Lesson 1 : Intro/1st Location: Fitness Center
Lesson 2 : White Balance for Florescent Lights
Lesson 3 : Camera Settings and Remote Triggering
Lesson 4 : Layering Shots for the Right Look
Lesson 5 : Setting Up Another Shot
Lesson 6 : Back at the Computer
Lesson 7 : Portrait Session
Lesson 8 : Finishing the Professional Portrait
Lesson 9 : Close-ups
Lesson 10 : Finishing the Close-ups
Lesson 11 : Special Effects Shot
Lesson 12 : Processing the Special Effect Shot
Lesson 13 : Finishing the Special Effect Shot
Lesson 14 : Bonus Class: Outdoor Shot

Jim DiVitale | Commerical Advertising Photographer & Photoshop Hall of Famer

Jim DiVitale

Jim DiVitale has been an Atlanta commercial advertising photographer for over three decades specializing in product photography and computer photo illustration. He is a PPA Master Photographer, Master of Electronic Imaging, Photographic Craftsman, Fellow of the American Society of Photographers, and a sponsored instructor for Canon, Adobe, and X-Rite.

Watch Setup, Shoot, and Photoshop: Creating a Commercial Photography Package

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