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Photography Paperwork - Avoiding Business Mistakes
Jack Reznicki
with Jack Reznicki
Ed Greenberg
with Ed Greenberg
If you are in business, you will make a mistake. Nobody knows that better than Jack and Ed. Join them as they take you through the finer points of terms and conditions in invoices ... READ MORE
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Photography Paperwork - Avoiding Business Mistakes
lessons: 16 Course Lessons
duration: 1hr, 25min
published: 2009
watched: 793 Member Views
Photography Paperwork - Avoiding Business Mistakes
with Jack Reznicki
If you are in business, you will make a mistake. Nobody knows that better than Jack and Ed. Join them as they take you through the finer points of terms and conditions in invoices to help you avoid costly mistakes in your photography business. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Mistakes (free course preview)

In business, mistakes are guaranteed. Jack and Ed discuss avoiding them, learning from them, and taking steps to deal with them

6min, 55sec
lesson 2: Assignment Invoice

Going over the basic information that should be included on every invoice

3min, 0sec
lesson 3: Filling Out the Information

Starting with the header of the assignment invoice, fill in all of the information about the client

3min, 41sec
lesson 4: Product Information

ONLY is the magic word that will make sure that your work is being used only on the products you have agreed upon

2min, 21sec
lesson 5: Media Use

Specifying and limiting what uses your clients have with your work

2min, 5sec
lesson 6: License Term

This can be a useful negotiating term when settling on a price for your work

4min, 18sec
lesson 7: Fees

Breaking down the charges listed on the assignment invoice

3min, 52sec
lesson 8: Interest on Late Payment

This is one that is often overlooked but can add up to big money is included

2min, 23sec
lesson 9: Paid To Information

Getting paid for your work sometimes takes some dedication and time

4min, 36sec
lesson 10: Bottom of Front Side

The importance of both the client and photographer signing both the estimate and the invoice

6min, 2sec
lesson 11: Backside of Invoice

Going through the terms and conditions listed on the back of the invoice

6min, 9sec
lesson 12: Postponements and Cancelations

Make sure this information is all spelled out so that you do not get stuck with costs

6min, 43sec
lesson 13: Client Approval and Overtime

If the client does not have a representative on the shoot, then the client is bound to accept the finished work of the photographer

9min, 30sec
lesson 14: Rights Licensed, Damages, Payment and Collection

Client gets no more and no less than what has been established on the front of the invoice

7min, 40sec
lesson 15: Tax, Releases, Electronic Rights, Enforcement of License

Going through the last few items on the terms and conditions

13min, 45sec
lesson 16: Wrapping It Up

Remember to fill out and organize your paperwork now in order to avoid problems in the future

2min, 42sec
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Jack Reznicki
meet  Jack Reznicki
NYC-Based Commercial Children's Photographer
Jack Reznicki is a commercial photographer specializing in people and children. His creative problem solving has helped promote products and services for many companies such as Tylenol, The Wall Street Journal, Hyatt, Toys "R" Us, Kodak, Reader's Digest, Crest, AT&T, Playtex, and Time Magazine. Jack is the author of several books on commercial photography including Studio and Commercial Photography - A Kodak Pro Workshop.
Ed Greenberg
meet  Ed Greenberg
Attorney Specializing in Copyright for Photographers
Ed Greenberg has been a litigator practicing in New York City for well over thirty years and has represented some of the top photographers and illustrators in the business, as well as the average Joes and Janes striving to make a name for themselves. He has been on the faculty at The School of Visual Arts in New York and The Hallmark Institute of Photography.
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