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Painting Portraits in Corel Painter 2017
Heather Chinn
with Heather Chinn
lessons: 10 Course Lessons
duration: 2hr, 19min
published: 2017
watched: 2167 Member Views
Painting Portraits in Corel Painter 2017
with Heather Chinn
Turn your photographs into beautiful paintings! Join Heather the Painter as she introduces you to Corel Painter 2017, and shares her tips and workflow to show you how to easily create custom paintings from your photos. Using a Wacom tablet for greater control and a natural brush stroke, Heather starts with an orientation to Painter, how to customize brushes, and how to configure your Wacom tablet for optimal settings. From there she expertly steps you through her workflow as she transforms a portrait photograph into a stunning painting. Whether you are painting for yourself or your clients, you’ll have a great foundation for getting the most out of Corel Painter. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)
Join Heather as she introduces the class and discusses what will be covered in the lessons that follow. Heather jumps right in with a tour of Painter.
14min, 42sec
lesson 2: Customizing Brushes
Painter’s Brush Engine allows you to customize and select very natural looking brushes.
18min, 58sec
lesson 3: Starting Your Portrait
In this lesson Heather teaches you how to get started with your painting.
10min, 42sec
lesson 4: Applying Your Brushes
Having your Wacom tablet set up correctly will help you get more expressive brush strokes.
17min, 7sec
lesson 5: Cloning In
With the background where you want it, you can begin to clone in the clothing and detail.
9min, 8sec
lesson 6: Skin and Hair
One workflow approach is to start on the skin first, saving the face for last.
22min, 6sec
lesson 7: Lips, Nose, and Eyes
The lips, nose, and eyes are the defining features of the face, and you really want to bring those to life.
12min, 9sec
lesson 8: Light and Color Placement
One of the keys to bringing your subject to life is the proper light and color placement.
13min, 35sec
lesson 9: Hair
Time to paint in hair with that same 3 step process of starting with a clone base, build up with color, and then refine with blending.
13min, 38sec
lesson 10: Finishing the Painting
The final steps involve cleaning up edges, ensuring the background meshes with the subject, and final touches to make it look realistic.
7min, 50sec
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Heather Chinn
meet  Heather Chinn
Award-Winning Corel Painter, Master Elite Artist
Heather is an award winning Corel Painter Master Elite, Golden Artist Educator, Corel Approved Painter Educator, PPA Master Artist, Master Photographer, Master Craftsman, and all around painting and research geek. An experienced live presenter, she teaches Corel Painter and mixed media at multi-day workshops, seminars, and PPA affiliate schools nationally. Heather’s masterpieces are consistently featured in the prestigious, annual loan collections.
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