Adobe Encore: Getting Started

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Greg Mulvey has years of experience authoring DVDs. He has used Adobe Encore to author everything from wedding DVDs to a concert DVD on Blue Ray. Adobe Encore is a very powerful tool and it is easy to learn. In this course, viewers will learn the basics of creating a DVD inside of Encore. Greg goes through the entire process - from installing the software, to navigating the interface, creating menus, adding chapter markers, and finally, burning the finished DVD.

Lesson 1 : Introduction
Lesson 2 : Download and Install
Lesson 3 : Library Content
Lesson 4 : Getting Started with a New Project
Lesson 5 : No Auto Save
Lesson 6 : Encore Workspace
Lesson 7 : Import to Timeline
Lesson 8 : Adding Chapter Markers
Lesson 9 : Make a DVD Menu
Lesson 10 : Editing Menu Buttons
Lesson 11 : Customize Your Menu
Lesson 12 : Editing Menu Color Set
Lesson 13 : Setting First Play
Lesson 14 : Link Buttons to Timelines
Lesson 15 : Setting an End Action
Lesson 16 : Looping the DVD
Lesson 17 : Build the Final DVD
Lesson 18 : Burning to Disc

Greg Mulvey | Lead Editor & Motion Graphics Designer, Second City Communications

Greg Mulvey

Greg Mulvey is the lead editor and motion graphics designer for Second City Communications, the business solutions division of Chicago's world-famous improv comedy theater, The Second City. Greg also is a lifestyle photographer and wedding filmmaker. When not editing comedy videos for The Second City he enjoys spending time with his wife and three boys.

Watch Adobe Encore: Getting Started

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