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Mastering Selections in Photoshop
Glyn Dewis
with Glyn Dewis
lessons: 10 Course Lessons
duration: 2hr, 6min
published: 2020
watched: 2901 Member Views
Mastering Selections in Photoshop
with Glyn Dewis
Take your selection mastery to the next level! Join Glyn Dewis for a class that starts with the basic selection fundamentals you need to know, introduces you to the most important selection tools and shortcuts, and then demonstrates a variety of techniques for utilizing selections in real world projects. You’ll even learn techniques for combining layers that don’t even require selections. Glyn wraps up the class with a start to finish project that demonstrates how you can start to put all of this knowledge together and get the most out of the tools. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: The Basics (free course preview)
Join Glyn as he introduces the basics of making selections.
20min, 6sec
lesson 2: Selection Tools
Get to know the selection tools you’ll use most often, and some you just want to be aware of in case they come in handy.
17min, 17sec
lesson 3: Select and Mask
Select and Mask is a powerful tool for helping you refine a selection.
9min, 5sec
lesson 4: Selecting Paratroopers
In this project Glyn demonstrates some of the tools and techniques he’s introduced in a real project.
10min, 18sec
lesson 5: Stag in the Snow
Learn a fantastic technique for using brushes to help you with your selections.
16min, 43sec
lesson 6: The Pen Tool
The Pen tool has a special role in making selections that takes a little practice to get the most out of it.
11min, 42sec
lesson 7: Cleaning Up Selections
Being able to clean up the halos around your selected area can be a lifesaver in a lot of projects.
5min, 12sec
lesson 8: Blending Layers
Blend modes and blend if are two powerful techniques for combining the elements of two photos into one.
13min, 40sec
lesson 9: Adjustment Layer Magic
Learn how you can use an adjustment layer to make a selection, without actually making a selection.
7min, 40sec
lesson 10: Start to Finish Project
Glyn wraps up the class with a project that takes you through all of the steps from the start to finish to employ many of the tools and techniques you’ve learned in this class.
15min, 12sec
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Glyn Dewis
meet  Glyn Dewis
Photographer, Educator & Author
Glyn Dewis is a professional photographer, retoucher, and trainer based in England. He has worked with a variety of national and international clients ranging from the BBC, Sky TV, and Air New Zealand to athletes, musicians, and other industry professionals. He teaches a variety of classes including his own series of workshops, one-on-one coaching, and events around the world.
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