Food Photography

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Joe Glyda, former Digital Imaging Advisor for Kraft Foods in Glenview, Illinois, has put together a killer class to teach you his secrets. You'll learn all about editor photography, packaging photography and you'll pick up tips for styling and lighting food. If you're shooting food or ever had an interest in learning how, don't miss Joe's class

Lesson 1 : Let's Get Cookin'
Lesson 2 : Place Holding
Lesson 3 : Food Styling
Lesson 4 : Composition
Lesson 5 : Peas on a Spoon
Lesson 6 : Chicken Salad
Lesson 7 : Ear of Corn
Lesson 8 : Salad on Glass
Lesson 9 : Liquids and Ice
Lesson 10 : Building a Composition
Lesson 11 : Strawberry
Lesson 12 : Why Use a Food Stylist?
Lesson 13 : Cereal with Milk

Joe Glyda | Recognized Commercial Food & Product Photographer

Joe Glyda

Joe Glyda is a recognized commercial photographer specializing in food and product photography. Joe retired from Kraft Foods as the manager and primary photographer of their creative services department after 36 years. He continued his photographic career through Joe Glyda Photography, Inc., established in 1988. Joe is a PPA Master Photographer, a Photographic Craftsman, and is a Certified Professional Photographer.

Watch Food Photography

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