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Creative Portraits at Home
Gilmar Smith
with Gilmar Smith
lessons: 10 Course Lessons
duration: 2hr, 23min
published: 2020
watched: 1070 Member Views
Creative Portraits at Home
with Gilmar Smith
There’s no place like home! Join the KelbyOne crew as they drop in on the amazing Gilmar Smith to learn how to she produces the most creative portraits from the comfort of home. In this class Gilmar shares her favorite tips and tricks for making small spaces look their best, demonstrates how she uses colored lights for making the ordinary look extraordinary, puts her family to work in front of the camera in a series of fun photo shoots in different rooms, and then walks through her post processing workflow to bring her concepts to life. You’ll learn how to conduct a creative portrait shoot without even setting foot outside your door, and while making the most of the gear and space that you have. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)
The instructor introduces the class and discusses what will be covered in the lessons that follow. Gilmar then heads to the garage where she goes over the plans for the first shoot.
1min, 56sec
lesson 2: Science Shoot
Starting in her garage, Gilmar goes through her process for shooting her daughter posing as a mad scientist.
2min, 53sec
lesson 3: Home Schooling Shoot
Making the most of a small space, Gilmar uses her son as a model for the next shoot.
3min, 17sec
lesson 4: Kitchen Shoot
As part of what will be a composite final image, Gilmar demonstrates her process for creating all of the elements for the final image.
5min, 31sec
lesson 5: Science Shoot Post Production: Part 1
With the shooting done, Gilmar goes through her process for editing the images from the first shoot in Lightroom Classic and Photoshop.
22min, 20sec
lesson 6: Science Shoot Post Production: Part 2
Continuing her editing efforts, Gilmar demonstrates her process for burning and dodging and finishing touches to bring the image to life.
15min, 59sec
lesson 7: Home Schooling Post Production: Part 1
Moving on to the second shoot, Gilmar demonstrates her process for editing the photo of her son in Lightroom Classic and Photoshop.
19min, 55sec
lesson 8: Home Schooling Post Production: Part 2
In this lesson, Gilmar completes her edits of this photo by enhancing the environment.
23min, 49sec
lesson 9: Kitchen Shoot Post Processing: Part 1
Starting in Lightroom Classic, Gilmar processes the individual frames for the composite before sending them to Photoshop as layers.
21min, 12sec
lesson 10: Kitchen Shoot Post Processing: Part 2
With the basic composite complete, it is time for finishing touches to complete the project.
26min, 46sec
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Gilmar Smith
meet  Gilmar Smith
Creative Portraiture and Photoshop Composite Specialist.
Gilmar Smith is a KelbyOne member, self-taught photographer, and Photoshop addict. Based in Orlando, Florida, she specializes in creative portraiture and Photoshop composites. In 2011, she discovered her passion for photography and has learned everything about lighting, posing, Photoshop, and photography with her self-portraiture. She has two beautiful children, who are often subjects in her stunning images. In her spare time, this supermom is a racecar lover, Disney freak, and social media junkie. Through the ups and downs of life, Gilmar has used her self-portraiture as an outlet to express herself.
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