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Portrait Photography: Mastering Hard Light
Frank Doorhof
with Frank Doorhof
lessons: 19 Course Lessons
duration: 1hr, 55min
published: 2022
watched: 729 Member Views
Portrait Photography: Mastering Hard Light
with Frank Doorhof
Master hard light in the studio! Join Frank Doorhof in his studio to learn what you can do with smaller light sources to create dynamic photographs with stunning shadows that are the hallmark of hard light. In this class you'll learn how to use reflectors, grids, flags, projectors, gobos, and more to light your subjects as creatively as your imagination allows. Frank wraps up the class with some retouching examples to demonstrate his approach to enhancing his photos to finalize his original vision. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: The Light Meter (free course preview)
A light meter does is help you nail your exposure in one shot. A color checker chart helps you get accurate colors.
5min, 45sec
lesson 2: Introduction
The instructor introduces the class and discusses what will be covered in the lessons that follow.
2min, 27sec
lesson 3: What is a Reflector?
Frank explores different types of reflectors in the classroom.
29 sec
lesson 4: Reflector in Studio
Heading into the studio Frank demonstrates what reflectors can do with light.
15min, 55sec
lesson 5: Reflector with Grid
You can modify a reflector with a grid to control the light further.
11min, 47sec
lesson 6: What are Flags?
Back in the classroom Frank explains what is meant by using a flag in a studio.
2min, 47sec
lesson 7: Flags in Studio
Heading into the studio Frank demonstrates how you can use a flag to control light.
6min, 0sec
lesson 8: What is a Gobo Projector?
Moving beyond flags Frank explains what a gobo projector is on set.
1min, 59sec
lesson 9: Gobo Projector in Studio
Moving to the studio Frank demonstrates how you can use the Gobo Projector.
7min, 25sec
lesson 10: Everyday Materials for a Gobo
Not everyone can afford a gobo projector, but there are some everyday materials you can use as a gobo.
53 sec
lesson 11: Everyday Gobo Studio
Back in the studio Frank shows how you can use everyday materials as a gobo.
4min, 29sec
lesson 12: Rembrandt and Butterfly Lighting Patterns
Frank explains two popular lighting patterns that you can use with hard light setups.
1min, 38sec
lesson 13: Rembrandt and Butterfly Setups
In the studio Frank shows you how to set up your lights to create these popular lighting patterns.
9min, 2sec
lesson 14: Soft Light via Feathering
Frank explains what is meant by feathering hard light.
2min, 5sec
lesson 15: Soft Light via Feathering Studio
In the studio Frank demonstrates how to feather hard light to create soft light.
5min, 53sec
lesson 16: What is Lens Flare?
Frank explains how to create lens flare and why you might want to use it in your photography.
2min, 54sec
lesson 17: Lens Flare Studio
Frank demonstrates how to create lens flare with intention to enhance your photography.
10min, 28sec
lesson 18: Challenges of Retouching Hard Light
Using hard light gives you hard shadows which can present challenges for retouching.
49 sec
lesson 19: Retouching Hard Light Examples
Frank demonstrates a few examples of how he retouches hard light photographs.
23min, 8sec
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Frank Doorhof
meet  Frank Doorhof
Netherlands-Based Fashion & Glamour Photographer
Born in Amsterdam, Frank Doorhof has a passion for photography and teaching it. He has released numerous books, like Mastering the Model Shoot, and is a sought-out speaker for seminars and events. He strongly believes and teaches that the language of photography is light and that photographers should be able to "speak the language" instead of always having to fake it in Photoshop.
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