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Taming Natural Light
Erik Valind
with Erik Valind
lessons: 8 Course Lessons
duration: 58min
published: 2015
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Taming Natural Light
with Erik Valind
Natural light is all around us, but it is up to the photographer to control it in order to make a beautiful portrait. Join Erik Valind as he shows you how to tame that natural light, from direct noontime sun to overcast and shadowless days, and capture killer portraits with little more than just your camera and a reflector. No speedlights or strobes are required for this class. Erik teaches you about the factors that you can control, and then walks you various techniques you can use through a series of real world demonstrations, each one building on the last, that will give you the skills to start seeing and using natural light in new ways. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)
9min, 35sec
lesson 2: What Do We Control?
8min, 32sec
lesson 3: Paying Attention to Direction of Light
4min, 22sec
lesson 4: Shooting at Noon and Seeking Shade
8min, 31sec
lesson 5: Learning and Improving
5min, 57sec
lesson 6: Headshots in the Park
7min, 29sec
lesson 7: Using Larger Reflectors
7min, 4sec
lesson 8: Using Reflectors and Diffusion Panels
7min, 6sec
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Erik Valind
meet  Erik Valind
New York Based Pro Lifestyle Photographer
Erik Valind is a top pro photographer who specializes in the creation of compelling commercial work and energetic lifestyle imagery. People are the center of his photography and also serve as his inspiration. Erik developed an early appreciation for the transformative energy that light possesses and uses light to add energy to every image, much as the Florida sunlight has energized him.
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