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Outdoor Lifestyle Photography
Erik Valind
with Erik Valind
lessons: 14 Course Lessons
duration: 1hr, 24min
published: 2012
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Outdoor Lifestyle Photography
with Erik Valind
With outdoor lifestyle photography your job is to sell the experience to the viewer. You need to be able to work in all kinds of lighting situations and with a range of gear-from strobes to diffusion panels-to get the kind of killer shots that makes the viewer wish they were there. Erik takes you through a series of locations and situations demonstrating lighting, posing, and composition tips and techniques all along the way. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)

Join Erik for a quick overview of the class.

2min, 58sec
lesson 2: Including a Landmark in the Shot

Part of the process of telling the story of a location is including landmarks in your shots with your subjects. Erik demonstrates a few ways to deal with shooting people alongside of a large landmark.

3min, 31sec
lesson 3: Searching for Shadows

When shooting outdoors you can take advantage of natural shade to even out the exposure on your subjects. The trick from there is to move around to find the best composition that works for that location.

3min, 37sec
lesson 4: Shooting into the Sun

Shooting subjects against a bright sun is a popular look these days. Erik demonstrates a number of ways to deal with all that light.

6min, 58sec
lesson 5: Controlling the Contrast

Continuing with the Kayak shoot, Erik talks about adjusting camera settings to get the right mix of hilight and shadow.

7min, 54sec
lesson 6: Find a Unique Vantage Point

Shooting from a unique perspective can really make for dynamic and interesting shots of even the most mundane situations.

8min, 6sec
lesson 7: Out on the Beach: Part 1

Shooting out on the beach in the middle of sunny day is usually the worst time of the day to shoot outdoors, but Erik has a few tips and techniques on how create fantastic shots even in these harsh conditions.

5min, 48sec
lesson 8: Out on the Beach: Part 2

The sun never stops moving, so it is a great idea to change perspectives to get even more shots out of the same location.

5min, 24sec
lesson 9: Over the Shoulder

Another way to get a unique perspective is to shoot from over the person's shoulder and really bring the viewer right into subject's experience.

6min, 8sec
lesson 10: Using the Octabank Outdoors

Erik shares some great tips for using a 7 foot Octabank in an outdoor scene, which gives the subjects a lot of room to move.

5min, 37sec
lesson 11: Two Suns

Your life will be a lot simpler when you can work with the ambient light instead of working against it. In this lesson Erik brings in an 7 foot parabolic umbrella to act as a second sun to even out the light on the subjects.

8min, 18sec
lesson 12: Use Gels to Mimic Daylight

You can incorporate strobes into the mix with natural daylight by placing gels over your strobes to make their color temperature more closely match the light from the sun.

7min, 49sec
lesson 13: Sunset Shot

When shooting against the setting sun you can underexpose for the sky with a slower shutter speed, then bring in artificial light to fill in your subjects.

5min, 19sec
lesson 14: On the Water's Edge

The edge of the sea is not a great location for setting up a lot of gear, so Erik demonstrates how to take advantage of the high speed sync mode of your camera to use a speedlight to add a little fill light on your subjects.

6min, 59sec
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Erik Valind
meet  Erik Valind
New York Based Pro Lifestyle Photographer
Erik Valind is a top pro photographer who specializes in the creation of compelling commercial work and energetic lifestyle imagery. People are the center of his photography and also serve as his inspiration. Erik developed an early appreciation for the transformative energy that light possesses and uses light to add energy to every image, much as the Florida sunlight has energized him.
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