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Indoor Lifestyle Photography
Erik Valind
with Erik Valind
Every location provides its own unique challenges, and you need to be able to pick your battles and rise to the occasion. You'll learn how to work with a range of gear-from speedli... READ MORE
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Indoor Lifestyle Photography
lessons: 10 Course Lessons
duration: 1hr, 37min
published: 2013
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Indoor Lifestyle Photography
with Erik Valind
Every location provides its own unique challenges, and you need to be able to pick your battles and rise to the occasion. You'll learn how to work with a range of gear-from speedlights to strobes to diffusion panels-to get the kind of killer shots that convey a sense of realism and authenticity. Erik takes you through a series of locations and situations while demonstrating lighting, posing, and composition tips and techniques all along the way. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)

Join Erik as he provides an overview of the concepts and techniques covered in this class, and then jumps right into setting up the first location shoot.

1min, 41sec
lesson 2: Color Temperature

Erik surveys the available light to determine a plan of action for balancing the color temperature.

10min, 20sec
lesson 3: Adding Fill Light

The goal of fill light is to bring up the shadows without drawing attention to itself.

13min, 54sec
lesson 4: Using a Grid To Direct the Light

Adding an egg crate grid to the strip light allows for a finer control of the direction of the light.

3min, 52sec
lesson 5: Location Change

Erik applies the concepts covered in the first shoot to a location change within the restaurant.

9min, 20sec
lesson 6: Inside a Clothing Store

Shooting in most retail stores means dealing with a lot of competing lighting sources. It is your job to come up with strategies to work with what you have.

9min, 18sec
lesson 7: Second Store Scene

Moving to the back of the store eliminates the daylight mixing with the scene, but now you have to deal with the existing fluorescent light.

11min, 0sec
lesson 8: Lighting a Room to Make it Look Natural

Using more powerful studio strobes allows you to shoot with a smaller aperture to get a wider depth of field. In a lifestyle shoot you want the light to look as natural as possible to convey a sense of authenticity.

12min, 22sec
lesson 9: Adding One More Light

To add just a little more sense of realism in this scene Erik adds one more light to simulate light coming from the TV.

11min, 52sec
lesson 10: Second Living Room Scene

Working in studio allows you to rearrange the set to completely change the direction you are shooting from and change the perspective of the viewer.

13min, 10sec
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Erik Valind
meet  Erik Valind
New York Based Pro Lifestyle Photographer
Erik Valind is a top pro photographer who specializes in the creation of compelling commercial work and energetic lifestyle imagery. People are the center of his photography and also serve as his inspiration. Erik developed an early appreciation for the transformative energy that light possesses and uses light to add energy to every image, much as the Florida sunlight has energized him.
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