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Creative Panoramic Photography
Katrin Eismann
with Katrin Eismann
Creative Panoramic Photography
lessons: 20 Course Lessons
duration: 2hr, 30min
published: 2008
watched: 828 Member Views
Creative Panoramic Photography
with Katrin Eismann
Photographer Katrin Eismann shares some of her knowledge about preparing for, shooting, merging, and experimenting with panoramic photos. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction to Shooting Panoramics (free course preview)

Katrin goes over the different types of panoramics that she'll be covering, as well as equipment and a basic checklist

17min, 3sec
lesson 2: Camera Settings

Here are some general rules for operating your camera while creating panos

13min, 59sec
lesson 3: Shift Tilt Skyline

Using a shift tilt lens out in the field when taking panos

2min, 44sec
lesson 4: Nodal Point

How to locate and fix a nodal point for your lens

4min, 43sec
lesson 5: Multi Row Panos

Sometimes one row is not enough to capture the scene

4min, 26sec
lesson 6: Using Shift Tilt in Tight Places

There are times when a shift tilt lens will help you get around space restrictions

2min, 9sec
lesson 7: Point and Shoot Panoramics

It is a good idea to always carry a little camera with you for those quick, spontaneous shots

1min, 18sec
lesson 8: Organizing Your Pano Files

Using Bridge to review your shots and to organize what you have to work with

9min, 12sec
lesson 9: Test and Adjust

Applying your Bridge adjustments to all the files in your pano

9min, 39sec
lesson 10: Stitching and Retouching

Photomerge uses editable layer masks to stitch together the panoramic

9min, 51sec
lesson 11: Stitching Multiple Rows

Katrin goes through adjusting and stitching together a multi row pano

19min, 50sec
lesson 12: Making Adjustments

There are advantages to shooting in Raw format when taking panos

12min, 52sec
lesson 13: Vertical Panoramic

Working with the Photomerge command in Photoshop

8min, 33sec
lesson 14: Raw to DNG

There are a couple of benefits to converting Raw files to DNG format

4min, 30sec
lesson 15: Raw to DNG, Part 2

Using a Raw to DNG converter

1min, 43sec
lesson 16: Continuing with Vertical Panos

Photomerge is just as effective with top to bottom panoramics

9min, 11sec
lesson 17: Abstract Approach

Some situations call for more creative, abstract panoramic shots

5min, 59sec
lesson 18: Reposition Only

Experiment with the Reposition Only option in Photomerge

3min, 42sec
lesson 19: Symmetrical Files

Using Photomerge to create symmetrical files for use as backgrounds

3min, 21sec
lesson 20: Taking It Further

Photomerge is a starting point, but don't forget to keep going with your images and experiment

5min, 32sec
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Katrin Eismann
meet  Katrin Eismann
Distinguished Photoshop Author, Photographer & Educator
Katrin is an artist, author, and educator. She received her BFA in Photographic Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology and her MFA in Design from the School of Visual Arts. She has authored Photoshop Restoration and Retouching and Photoshop Masking & Compositing. Her clients include Apple, Adobe Systems, Eastman Kodak, Nikon USA, Fuji Film, and the US Navy.
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