Wedding Photography: Photographing Couples

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Watch Wedding Photography: Photographing Couples

Internationally renowned wedding photographer, David Ziser is back with all new creative techniques for finding the right clothing, locations, and poses to create stunning photos that capture the magic and romance. As David works, he talks through his process and his gear choices while sharing priceless tips on everything from camera settings to the most flattering poses. You're guaranteed to come away from this class with a brand new arsenal of professional secrets that will immediately improve how, when, and where you shoot your next wedding.

Lesson 1 : The Clothing Conference
Lesson 2 : Make the Locations Interesting
Lesson 3 : Composition is Still Key
Lesson 4 : A Walk in the Park
Lesson 5 : Tell the Couple's Story
Lesson 6 : Attention to Detail

David Ziser | Wedding Photography Lighting & Business Expert

David Ziser

David Ziser is an internationally renowned wedding photographer who shares his knowledge with tens of thousands of photographers worldwide (and in five languages!) David is one of 97 worldwide who hold the highest honor of "Fellow" bestowed by the American Society of Photographers.

Watch Wedding Photography: Photographing Couples

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