Advertising Photography: From Pre- to Post-Production

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Watch Advertising Photography: From Pre- to Post-Production

You'll get Douglas' unique take on everything from client interaction, pre-production, and assembling a creative team to his lighting techniques and method for coaching portrait subjects to get the reaction he needs. Then, meet Douglas' personal retoucher and expert compositor, Justin Paguia for the post-production process.

Lesson 1 : Introduction
Lesson 2 : First Location Pre-Production
Lesson 3 : Wardrobe Selection
Lesson 4 : Scene One Photo Shoot
Lesson 5 : Second Location Concept
Lesson 6 : Second Location Pre-production
Lesson 7 : Scene Two Photo Shoot
Lesson 8 : Post-production on First Scene
Lesson 9 : Finessing the Composite
Lesson 10 : Completing the Base Composite
Lesson 11 : Retouching and Color Correction
Lesson 12 : Tweaking the Background
Lesson 13 : Post-production on Second Scene
Lesson 14 : Putting it All Together

Douglas Sonders | Advertising, Compositing & Automotive Photographer

Douglas Sonders

Douglas is a photographer and filmmaker, specializing in on-location photo shoots around the world. Douglas runs 8112 Studios, a video production company that handles everything from pre-production, to filming, to all post-production. Douglas is often recognized for his lighting style, body of work, and professionalism and has been named one of Washington D.C.'s most influential people under 40 by Washington Life Magazine.

Watch Advertising Photography: From Pre- to Post-Production

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