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Advertising Photography: From Pre- to Post-Production
Douglas Sonders
with Douglas Sonders
You'll get Douglas' unique take on everything from client interaction, pre-production, and assembling a creative team to his lighting techniques and method for coaching portrait su... READ MORE
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lessons: 14 Course Lessons
duration: 2hr, 18min
published: 2011
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Advertising Photography: From Pre- to Post-Production
with Douglas Sonders
You'll get Douglas' unique take on everything from client interaction, pre-production, and assembling a creative team to his lighting techniques and method for coaching portrait subjects to get the reaction he needs. Then, meet Douglas' personal retoucher and expert compositor, Justin Paguia for the post-production process. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)

Douglas introduces you to the product at the center of the advertisement he is creating, and discusses the concept and themes for the day's shoot with the client.

5min, 14sec
lesson 2: First Location Pre-Production

An advertising shoot is a team effort and collaboration with the retoucher, makeup artist, photo assistants, and actors before the shoot is critical to the success of the final product.

11min, 59sec
lesson 3: Wardrobe Selection

There's more to wardrobe then just getting dressed. When you choose clothing you always need to think about the story you are telling.

3min, 45sec
lesson 4: Scene One Photo Shoot

After all the elements of the shoot are in place it's time to engage with the actors, tweak the lighting, and nail the shot. The shoot from the first location will serve as the foundation for the final product.

9min, 2sec
lesson 5: Second Location Concept

Douglas goes above and beyond with a cool cast of characters for a scene that will later be dropped into the screen of the product featured in the advertisement.

2min, 19sec
lesson 6: Second Location Pre-production

Say hello to "the General" as Douglas works with the car's owner to place the central subject of the shoot into position, and then visualizes the elements needed for post-production with Justin.

4min, 33sec
lesson 7: Scene Two Photo Shoot

While the makeup artist prepares the actors, Douglas discusses the lighting set up in great detail. Fire up the fog machine and enjoy a ring-side seat for a really fun shoot.

10min, 42sec
lesson 8: Post-production on First Scene

After the shoot is over it is time to choose photos and elements that will go into the final image. Justin creates a rough composite in Photoshop to visualize how all of the elements go together before the detailed retouching work begins.

17min, 11sec
lesson 9: Finessing the Composite

Break out the Pen Tool and watch as Justin blends the composite of the background, the actors, and the product into a single image.

14min, 5sec
lesson 10: Completing the Base Composite

Douglas discusses the photographer-retoucher relationship while Justin continues blending the composite. Shooting with post-production in mind will make you a better photographer.

9min, 43sec
lesson 11: Retouching and Color Correction

Retouching the subjects and color correcting the image come after the composite has been blended. Learn great retouching tips for removing wrinkles in clothing, adjusting colors, and balancing tones of the various elements for a more believable final image.

9min, 25sec
lesson 12: Tweaking the Background

Using separate elements–background, actors, product–allows each to be adjusted individually. Adding a blur, saturating color and darkening the sky makes the primary subjects pop off the background.

7min, 3sec
lesson 13: Post-production on Second Scene

Just like with the first scene, the elements of the second scene need to be blended together, followed by basic retouching to improve subjects' appearance and remove distractions.

14min, 59sec
lesson 14: Putting it All Together

Color corrections are the last step before the scene from the second location can be dropped into the screen of the advertised product.

18min, 2sec
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Douglas Sonders
meet  Douglas Sonders
Advertising, Compositing & Automotive Photographer
Douglas is a photographer and filmmaker, specializing in on-location photo shoots around the world. Douglas runs 8112 Studios, a video production company that handles everything from pre-production, to filming, to all post-production. Douglas is often recognized for his lighting style, body of work, and professionalism and has been named one of Washington D.C.'s most influential people under 40 by Washington Life Magazine.
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