Creative Light Uses in Studio Photography

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Watch Creative Light Uses in Studio Photography

In this course Frank offers advice on posing models and their hands, shooting with soft boxes, hard light vs. soft light, and much more. In later lessons, Frank introduces a wind machine to his shoot, along with fire cloth, water spray, and sheets of plastic. Follow along and get some fresh ideas on how to get creative with your studio lighting.

Lesson 1 : Posing Your Models
Lesson 2 : Making the Most of Your Soft Box
Lesson 3 : Maximize Your Deep Octa
Lesson 4 : Two Strip Lights
Lesson 5 : Hard Light
Lesson 6 : Walls, Music, and Flags
Lesson 7 : Casting Shadows
Lesson 8 : Wind and Fire Cloth
Lesson 9 : Posing Hands
Lesson 10 : Rembrandt and Butterfly Lighting
Lesson 11 : Painting with Light
Lesson 12 : Wet Hair and Rain
Lesson 13 : Quick Tips
Lesson 14 : Plastic and the Great Escape

Frank Doorhof | Netherlands-Based Fashion & Glamour Photographer

Frank Doorhof

Born in Amsterdam, Frank Doorhof has a passion for photography and teaching it. He has released numerous books, like Mastering the Model Shoot, and is a sought-out speaker for seminars and events. He strongly believes and teaches that the language of photography is light and that photographers should be able to "speak the language" instead of always having to fake it in Photoshop.

Watch Creative Light Uses in Studio Photography

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