Adobe Edge Reflow: Intermediate

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Designers have long dreamed of being able to create a web page directly in an intuitive, click-and-drag program like Photoshop. In the past, that was only possible by creating complex layered PSDs, and then passing them off to a developer who had to "slice" them and translate them into HTML and CSS code. The Photoshop CC Connect feature built into Edge Reflow fulfills that promise … almost. This video explains the flaws in this automated system, how to prepare your designs so as to minimize them, and the best strategies to clean up your web page in Edge Reflow.

Lesson 1 : Introducing the new web design workflow
Lesson 2 : Examining how to build a layered PSD in Photoshop
Lesson 3 : Prepping Photoshop layers for translation to HTML and CSS
Lesson 4 : Exporting from Photoshop to Reflow
Lesson 5 : Importing to Reflow using Photoshop CC Connect
Lesson 6 : Locating the issues with your imported design
Lesson 7 : Cleaning up some common issues after import
Lesson 8 : Exporting to a code editor and using the Reflow Cleaner extension

David LaFontaine | Author & Director of Content at

David LaFontaine

David is the Director of Content at, a "Dummies" book author, and multimedia producer. He teaches online multimedia and digital publishing at the Annenberg School of Journalism at USC and works with media companies around the world to help develop result-producing mobile and social media strategies, and has lectured all over the world helping reporters use digital tools to get their stories heard.

Watch Adobe Edge Reflow: Intermediate

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