Adobe Edge Reflow: Basics

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Lesson 1 : Intro to Reflow and the concepts of Responsive Web Design
Lesson 2 : Why should I use Edge Reflow?
Lesson 3 : How does responsive design work in Reflow?
Lesson 4 : Learning the interface
Lesson 5 : Setting up a responsive page
Lesson 6 : Inserting an image into your design and making it responsive
Lesson 7 : Adding an image as a background to a Div
Lesson 8 : Responsive background image settings
Lesson 9 : Styling multiple elements to respond
Lesson 10 : Adding hyperlinks and working with text
Lesson 11 : Previewing and exporting your project

David LaFontaine | Author & Director of Content at

David LaFontaine

David is the Director of Content at, a "Dummies" book author, and multimedia producer. He teaches online multimedia and digital publishing at the Annenberg School of Journalism at USC and works with media companies around the world to help develop result-producing mobile and social media strategies, and has lectured all over the world helping reporters use digital tools to get their stories heard.

Watch Adobe Edge Reflow: Basics

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