How to Build Your Business from Scratch

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Join Larry Becker and Dixie Dixon as they sit down to discuss Dixie's meteoric rise as a commercial fashion photographer. Over the course of an hour Dixie shares the story of how she got started in photography, the importance of having a solid business background, why finding mentors in the industry can be an incredible resource, her perspective on choosing the right equipment, and so much more!

Lesson 1 : On Getting Started
Lesson 2 : On Mentors and Agents
Lesson 3 : On Marketing
Lesson 4 : On Gear

Dixie Dixon | Rising Star of Fashion Photography

Dixie Dixon

Dixie Dixon is a Texas born and bred commercial fashion photographer. Her idealistic vision of the world is reflected into every single frame - full of life, beautiful energy, and soul. She is a Nikon Ambassador and shoots around the world for various brands, TV shows, commercial campaigns, and editorial projects. She’s been published in magazines like Rangefinder, Dapper Magazine, Living Magazine, and Nikon World.

Watch How to Build Your Business from Scratch

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