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High School Football Photography
Dave Black
with Dave Black
lessons: 11 Course Lessons
duration: 1hr, 39min
published: 2012
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High School Football Photography
with Dave Black
Scott Kelby and Dave Black, commercial sports photographer, tag team photographing a high school football game. They cover everything from choosing ISO, white balance, shutter speed, and the right gear for the job. They’ll be right in the action following players down the field while they discuss different styles of shooting depending on your client (a school’s sports information department, magazine, wire service). You’ll learn the tips and techniques on how to capture the jaw-dropping action shots for the job.

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lesson 1: Introduction and Gear (free course preview)

Dave and Scott introduce the class before taking a step into the studio where Dave starts to go over the gear he uses on a typical sport shoot.

13min, 16sec
lesson 2: Gear: Part 2

Being prepared for all situations means you need to have the right gear on hand.

11min, 18sec
lesson 3: Arrive Early

Back on the field and the game is getting ready to start. Dave and Scott discuss their strategies for covering a football game.

7min, 37sec
lesson 4: Focus Strategy

Cameras provide a lot of focus options, but you need to choose the one that will allow you to lock on to your subject and stay with them as they move around the frame.

3min, 3sec
lesson 5: Follow the Ball

Not every play is going to produce a picture, but you shoot it, and you look for it, and you follow the ball.

10min, 19sec
lesson 6: Take a Knee

Your position on the field, from the sidelines to the end zone, is just as important as the height from which you are shooting the players.

5min, 29sec
lesson 7: Second Body

Sometimes the action comes too close for the long lens, so having a second body with a shorter lens is critical for not missing the action.

19min, 25sec
lesson 8: Halftime

Dave and Scott review the first half of the game and discuss the strategy for the second half.

11min, 11sec
lesson 9: Editorial Style

Shooting style and purpose switches to an editorial style for the second half of the game. Dave also switches to the 70-200 for awhile.

7min, 10sec
lesson 10: Entire Field of View

Dave's back to the 400mm and following the action up and down the field.

5min, 52sec
lesson 11: Closing Tips

Some great moments happen after the game is over, so plan to stay late and get right in there.

4min, 42sec
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Dave Black
meet  Dave Black
Lightpainting Expert & Nikon Ambassador
For over 30 years Dave Black’s work has centered on the sports industry, working with publications such as Sports Illustrated, Time, and Newsweek, covering events like the Masters, Kentucky Derby, National Football League, NASCAR, and the Olympics. Dave is also known for his creative and artistic technique of Lightpainting. He was also named one of Nikon’s “Legends Behind the Lens” photographers.
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