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Introduction to Photoshop LAB Color
Dan Margulis
with Dan Margulis
LABs power in creating believable separation of colors has made it the venue of choice for many outdoor photographers. These lessons explore not only the basic structure of LAB and... READ MORE
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lessons: 22 Course Lessons
duration: 2hr, 19min
published: 2007
watched: 974 Member Views
Introduction to Photoshop LAB Color
with Dan Margulis
LABs power in creating believable separation of colors has made it the venue of choice for many outdoor photographers. These lessons explore not only the basic structure of LAB and its common uses, but expands into several advanced retouching areas. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)

Dan welcomes you to the course

5min, 7sec
lesson 2: The Power of LAB

A look at a few examples that demonstrate the power of LAB

7min, 56sec
lesson 3: More LAB Power

A deeper looking into the creative power that LAB mode offers

4min, 48sec
lesson 4: A Look at the LAB Channel

Comparing the LAB channel to RGB or CYMK

8min, 30sec
lesson 5: A Basic LAB Curve

Take a look at a simple, basic, but powerful curve in LAB

8min, 6sec
lesson 6: Taking the Curve Further

What to do when you need to adjust your curve even more

5min, 6sec
lesson 7: When Not to Use LAB

A look at when Lab may hurt your image more then help it

9min, 5sec
lesson 8: A Closer Look at the LAB Channels Themselves

Take a look at the actual LAB channels themselves

4min, 29sec
lesson 9: Creating New Colors

Using the A and B channels to produce new colors

3min, 6sec
lesson 10: Correcting a Color Cast

An example of using Lab to correct a color cast

13min, 50sec
lesson 11: Enhancing Color with LAB

Experimenting with LAB to enhance and change colors

9min, 3sec
lesson 12: LAB and Masks

Selectively enhacing part of your photo with LAB

13min, 35sec
lesson 13: Applying a Quick LAB Workflow

Quickly edit an image by applying the LAB workflow

6min, 33sec
lesson 14: Paying Attention to Skin Tone

This lesson shows how to concentrate on keeping skin tones intact

7min, 20sec
lesson 15: Taking Advantage of LAB Concepts While in RGB

Keeping LAB concepts in mind you can quickly correct an image in RGB mode too

1min, 56sec
lesson 16: Blending Adjustments in LAB

Look into the Blend If sliders when used in RGB and LAB

7min, 59sec
lesson 17: Masks and Selections in LAB

LAB mode makes it easier to select things by color

2min, 28sec
lesson 18: More LAB Blending Power

See ways to blend adjustments that just can't be done in RGB

4min, 57sec
lesson 19: Using LAB to Help Fix CYMK Images

Use a copy of an image in LAB mode to help fix a CYMK or RGB image

3min, 8sec
lesson 20: Getting Better Skies

Some tips and techniques for getting better skies while maintaing good color everywhere else

7min, 55sec
lesson 21: A Final Look at the Power of LAB

Take a look at a few simple LAB techniques used together to produce an image that you could only get with LAB

2min, 15sec
lesson 22: Conclusion

Thanks for joining me

2min, 44sec
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Dan Margulis
meet  Dan Margulis
Leading Authority on Color Correction
Dan is internationally regarded as the leading authority on color correction. He is the author of Professional Photoshop, the “unofficial bible” of the prepress and printing industries. Formerly a professional prepress manager with over 20 years experience, he now offers small-group, hands-on color correction classes around the world. In 2001, Dan was one of the first three people named to the Photoshop Hall of Fame.
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