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Color to Black and White Artistry
Katrin Eismann
with Katrin Eismann
Investigate the many ways to convert and transform color images into beautiful black and white images. READ MORE
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Color to Black and White Artistry
lessons: 18 Course Lessons
duration: 2hr, 19min
published: 2007
watched: 889 Member Views
Color to Black and White Artistry
with Katrin Eismann
Investigate the many ways to convert and transform color images into beautiful black and white images. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Course Introduction (free course preview)

Katrin outlines the course and goes over what she will be covering

1min, 23sec
lesson 2: Introduction to Color Modes

Learn about inspecting the color channels, and judging image quality before converting to black and white

9min, 55sec
lesson 3: Using the Lab Color Mode

Create a grayscale image to reduce noise and maintain image tonality and working with curves and color samplers

6min, 52sec
lesson 4: Channel Mixer Adjustment Layer

Convert a color portrait into black and white, create and save with channel mixer presets and use multiple channel mixer adjustment layers with layer masks

11min, 4sec
lesson 5: Working with the Gradient Map

Create custom black and white conversions and to add spilt toning effects

6min, 4sec
lesson 6: Black and White Adjustment Layers

Understanding the preset filters, how to adjust the conversion, and use the tint feature

11min, 16sec
lesson 7: Black and White Presets

Creating, saving, and applying black and white adjustment layer presets

4min, 10sec
lesson 8: Printing and Toning Methods

Mimicking traditional darkroom printing and toning methods with the black and white adjustment layer tint feature

4min, 9sec
lesson 9: Reality, Filter, Film

Recreate black and white film and filters and transferring multiple adjustment layers to other images

6min, 43sec
lesson 10: Using Image Channels

Convert color images to back and white and work with blend modes, layer masks, and subtle sharpening techniques

10min, 47sec
lesson 11: Image Channels, Smart Filters, and Blend Modes

Experimenting with image channels to convert color to black and white and using smart filters to add creative infrared effects

4min, 15sec
lesson 12: Experimenting with Image Channels and Color Images

Use information from different channels and combine them with filters to create new effects

8min, 15sec
lesson 13: Experimenting with Combining Image Channels as Layers

Using image channels to exaggerate image texture to create gritty, moody images with Smart Filters and blend modes

12min, 23sec
lesson 14: Converting to Grayscale with Adobe Camera Raw

Introduction to converting to grayscale with Adobe Camera Raw by adjusting the grayscale mix sliders

6min, 48sec
lesson 15: Image Saturation and Color Luminance

The advanced technique of working with image saturation and color luminance to create much better color to black and white conversions

9min, 27sec
lesson 16: Processing Multiple Times

Processing the same image multiple times with Adobe Camera Raw and smart objects to combine black and white and color images

11min, 43sec
lesson 17: Creative Toning and Tinting Effects

Applying creative toning and tinting effects to black and white images to enhance the mood and effectiveness of images

13min, 22sec
lesson 18: Conclusion

Thanks for joining me for this course

53 sec
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Katrin Eismann
meet  Katrin Eismann
Distinguished Photoshop Author, Photographer & Educator
Katrin is an artist, author, and educator. She received her BFA in Photographic Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology and her MFA in Design from the School of Visual Arts. She has authored Photoshop Restoration and Retouching and Photoshop Masking & Compositing. Her clients include Apple, Adobe Systems, Eastman Kodak, Nikon USA, Fuji Film, and the US Navy.
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