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What's New in Photoshop CC 2015
Corey Barker
with Corey Barker
What's New in Photoshop CC 2015
lessons: 12 Course Lessons
duration: 44min
published: 2015
watched: 824 Member Views
What's New in Photoshop CC 2015
with Corey Barker
Join Corey as he gets you up to speed with all the newest features in the new Photoshop CC 2015 June update. This new update largely caters to designers who use Photoshop by adding new features like Artboards and enhanced layer styles but photographers will also be intrigued by the new blur and content-aware features plus so much more. Be the first to master these new features today. BUY COURSE
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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)
46 sec
lesson 2: Artboards
7min, 35sec
lesson 3: Device Preview
4min, 41sec
lesson 4: Pano Content-Aware Fill
3min, 35sec
lesson 5: Real Time Healing
2min, 3sec
lesson 6: Smart Filter Adjustments
2min, 36sec
lesson 7: Blur Noise
3min, 2sec
lesson 8: Glyph Panel
1min, 55sec
lesson 9: Multiple Layer Styles
4min, 42sec
lesson 10: Asset Export
4min, 22sec
lesson 11: Linked Library Assets
5min, 23sec
lesson 12: Design Space
3min, 38sec
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Corey Barker
meet  Corey Barker
Photoshop Wizard & Special Effect Master
Corey Barker is an education and curriculum developer for all things Photoshop. Over the years, Corey has worked as a graphic artist in a variety of disciplines such as illustration, commercial design, large format printing, motion graphics, web design, and photography. His expertise in Photoshop and Illustrator have earned him numerous awards including a recent induction into the Photoshop Hall of Fame.
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