Photographing Adventure Sports, Part 2

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Tom Bol returns to the beautiful deserts of Moab, Utah for more outdoor adventure photography. In this course, Tom goes through a variety of set ups to capture the physicality and beauty of rock climbers and trail runners. Throughout the lessons, Tom talks about his goals of combining technical quality with the creative and artistic. He talks about image composition, utilizing sun and shadow, and adapting light to changing conditions. All of his subjects are shot amidst of the deep, rich colors of the southwest. The final shot of the course is a long exposure made at night.

Lesson 1 : Introduction
Lesson 2 : Bouldering
Lesson 3 : Trail Running
Lesson 4 : Overhang
Lesson 5 : Runner Portrait
Lesson 6 : Tilt-Shift Lens
Lesson 7 : Fresh Perspective
Lesson 8 : Rock Climber Portrait
Lesson 9 : Adaptive Lighting
Lesson 10 : Running in Front of Towers
Lesson 11 : Glowing Tent Scene

Tom Bol | Adventure Photography Guru & Location Lighting Educator

Tom Bol

Creative, outgoing, detailed, funny. This is how clients describe Tom and his crew. His career began with a journalism degree and wanderlust. It continues with portraits, edgy light, and restless creative energy. He often logs over 20,000 road trip miles a year creating travel and adventure images. Not to mention airplanes. He loves espresso, grunge bands, desert sunsets, and exploring light.

Watch Photographing Adventure Sports, Part 2

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