Upgrade Your Creative Workflow with the Adobe Mobile Apps

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Watch Upgrade Your Creative Workflow with the Adobe Mobile Apps

Get up to speed with the latest in Adobe's fast growing suite of creative apps for your mobile devices! Join Bryan O'Neil Hughes as he demonstrates how these apps work, how they communicate with each other, and how they stay synchronized through the cloud. Starting on an iPhone, moving to a tablet, and then showing how your work can automatically be synced back to your desktop you'll see how these apps give you the power to create new content, edit that content, access your existing content across your devices, and publish it to the world. Bryan wraps up the class with a sneak peek at what's coming next.

Lesson 1 : Introduction
Lesson 2 : Capture CC
Lesson 3 : Lightroom Mobile: Camera
Lesson 4 : Adobe Post
Lesson 5 : Creative Cloud / Lightroom Mobile
Lesson 6 : Photoshop Mix
Lesson 7 : Photoshop Fix
Lesson 8 : Adobe Comp
Lesson 9 : Desktop Connection
Lesson 10 : Portfolio
Lesson 11 : Closing Thoughts and Sneak Peeks

Bryan O'Neil Hughes | Adobe Photoshop Principal Product Manager

Bryan O'Neil Hughes

Bryan is the Principal Product Manager for Photoshop, helping test, drive, demonstrate, and lead the development of Adobe’s professional digital imaging applications. Bryan is the Photoshop team’s primary worldwide spokesman and can often be found leading seminars, user groups, and workshops. Beyond Adobe, Hughes is a published photographer, editor, and author, and was inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame in 2011.

Watch Upgrade Your Creative Workflow with the Adobe Mobile Apps

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