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Close-Up: An Introduction to Macro Photography
Bill Fortney
with Bill Fortney
lessons: 8 Course Lessons
duration: 1hr, 9min
published: 2011
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Close-Up: An Introduction to Macro Photography
with Bill Fortney
Professional photographer Bill Fortney takes you through the basics of macro photography including the equipment to use and best practices.

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lesson 1: Introduction (free course preview)

Meet Bill Fortney and the people who influenced him.

1min, 37sec
lesson 2: Getting the Basics

An overview on the principles/ratios of macro photography.

5min, 0sec
lesson 3: Ratios and Equipment

Learn the difference between a tight shot and a true close-up. Plus, Bill goes over the equipment he uses to get his shots.

9min, 45sec
lesson 4: Lens Demo and Working Distance

Bill starts off with a 2:1 shot, discusses manual focus and takes you through the shot with each lens and extension tubes.

17min, 26sec
lesson 5: Depth of Field

Bill demonstrates the minutiae of the depth of field he works in by photographing a ruler.

10min, 12sec
lesson 6: Lighting

Light your subjects with simple equipment such as a desk lamp, one flash, or a flashlight.

8min, 12sec
lesson 7: Extra Special Advice

Bill shares some important advice and a few tips he's picked up along the way to help you get the best shot possible.

5min, 32sec
lesson 8: You Don't Need Expensive Equipment

Bill shows you how to take great macro shots with a point and shoot, some lens filters, a rather inexpensive, older lens, and even a lens mounted backwards.

11min, 36sec
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Bill Fortney
meet  Bill Fortney
Premier Landscape & Nature Photographer
Bill is one of America's premier photographers specializing in landscape, close-up, nature, Americana, and travel. In 1991, he and his wife Sherelene founded the Great American Photography Weekends leading over 250 events in every major national park and in Africa, Europe, Canada, and the Galapagos Islands. Now retired after 11 years with Nikon Professional Services, Bill teaches workshops through his company His Light Workshops.
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