Premiere CC Basics

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Whether editing scenes from the latest Hollywood blockbuster film or creating a video for your kid's birthday party, Premiere Pro is a powerful tool used by professional video editors all over the world. The program helps users have a smooth and efficient editing experience.

Lesson 1 : Welcome
Lesson 2 : Introduction to Premiere Pro
Lesson 3 : What is a Sequence
Lesson 4 : Importing Media Assets
Lesson 5 : Organizing Your Footage
Lesson 6 : Preset Project Window Layout
Lesson 7 : Using the Timeline
Lesson 8 : Shortcut Layouts
Lesson 9 : Editing Video
Lesson 10 : Using Transitions
Lesson 11 : Audio Overview
Lesson 12 : Adding Text and Titles
Lesson 13 : Exporting Video

Brandon Ford | Video Field Director & Premier Pro Expert

Brandon Ford

Brandon Ford is a field director, videographer, and editor. He has covered everything from politics to athletics for the Tampa Bay market. He shot and edited interviews with President Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Brandon also teaches television production and editing for a national broadcast media school.

Watch Premiere CC Basics

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