Digital Photography Book vol. 1 | Warm Balance Tutorial – Book Extras

The Trick for Warmer Sunrises and Sunsets

To warm the Daylight white balance setting on a Canon digital camera (well, for most Canon digital cameras available today, like the 30D or the 5D), follow these steps:

Step One:
Set your camera’s white balance to Daylight.

Step Two:
In the menu on the LCD monitor, choose WB SHIFT/BKT (this is the white balance correction menu) and then press the SET button to bring up the white balance correction/white balance bracketing screen.

Step Three:
This screen features a grid where you can tweak the temperature of the currently selected white balance.

Step Four:
Using the Multi-Controller (which works kind of like a joystick), move the little square grid dot two clicks over toward A (Amber), which will warm up the Daylight white balance.

Step Five:
Press the SET button to lock in your settings.

Note: By the way, if you ever want to reset the temperature back to its default setting, just go back to the same screen (the white balance correction/white balance bracketing screen) and move the little square grid dot back to the 0 (zero) position in the center of the grid.