Get Your Photography On the Web by RC Concepcion

Dear Reader:

Welcome to the video and bonus feature download page, where you can watch the videos I promised in the book, as well as download the WordPress template and Adobe Flash template we use in the book (and get a couple other WordPress templates for free). Remember: The free WordPress templates were provided by Shooter Themes, and the free Flash template was provided by FWDesign, so please show them some love.

The videos are embedded using Adobe Flash Player, so if you don’t have it, you’ll need to download it (it’s free) from Adobe’s website at (look under Downloads on the right).

Well, that’s pretty much it. I hope you enjoy following along with these downloads. Thanks so much for buying the book, and giving me the opportunity to show you how to get your photos on the Web.

I’ll see you online!



Video – Welcome to My Book

Chapter 2 – Getting Your Images Ready

Video – Submitting Images to the Copyright Office

Chapter 5 – Plug-Ins and Menus to the Rescue

Video – Incorporating Google Analytics into Your Blog

Chapter 7 – Make Your Website Pop with a Theme
Free WordPress portfolio theme from Shooter Themes

Chapter 9 – Creating a Flash-Based Portfolio
Side XML Template Photography with Color Theme

Exclusive Bonus Material: RC has created some extra videos to help you take your web design even further! These companion videos are only available here on Watch them now and bookmark them for later! There is also a theme made available for download. Click this link to download and experiment with this free theme

Bonus Video: Modifying a New Flash Site

Bonus Video: Changing WordPress Templates

Bonus Video: Make Renaming Files Easier