Dear Reader: Welcome to the book’s download page, where you can download some of the same photos I used in the book and follow right along with the projects, as well as download the Print module templates (mentioned in Chapter 14) and the Develop module presets (mentioned in the book’s introduction). You can also watch the book’s companion videos on how to make transparent graphics for your Identity Plates, as well as how to make them for your print layouts.

While the shots here are downloadable, the whole idea behind this book is that you use these techniques on your own photos, but until you do, you can practice on these (some images are not available for download due to permissions issues). Now, Chapters 1, 2, 3, 9, 11, 12, and 13 are about importing, organizing your photos, customizing the Library module, exporting, creating photo books, making slide shows, and printing, so it doesn’t matter one little bit which photos you use (but, I did include the files for the frames used in Chapters 12 and 13). The same goes for Chapter 7 on using Lightroom on your mobile device, Chapter 15 on using video (use any video you’ve shot with your DSLR camera), and for the bonus chapters included here on using the Web module and the free Develop presets. You don’t need to download any photos-just use any ones you have handy (but, be sure to download the Develop presets).

Well, that’s pretty much it. I hope you enjoy following along with these images, watching the videos, and using the templates and presets. Thanks so much for buying the book and giving me the opportunity to show you some of the really cool things about Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC. Just a quick reminder: These downloadable photos from myself, Fotolia, Dollar Photo Club, and iStock, made available to you here, are licensed for your personal use only in practicing the techniques shown in the book. They are not licensed for use in any other manner, including commercial projects, websites, or any other use. Thanks for honoring our copyrights.

NOTE: Each chapter title below is a download link. To download the images, just click on each chapter’s link.

Chapter 4 – Editing Essentials: How to Develop Your Photos

Chapter 5 – Local Adjustments: How to Edit Just Part of Your Images

Chapter 6 – Special Effects: Making Stuff Look, Well, Special!

Chapter 8 – Problem Photos: Fixing Common Problems

Chapter 10 – Jumping to Photoshop: How and When to Do It

Chapter 12 – Slideshow: Creating Presentations of Your Work

Chapter 13 – The Big Print: Printing Your Photos

Chapter 14 – The Layout: Creating Cool Layouts for Web & Print

NOTE: To install the Print module templates, go to the Print module’s Template Browser (in the left side Panels area) and Right-click on User Templates. Choose Import, then navigate to the downloaded templates, select them all, and click the Import button.

Chapter 16 – My Portrait Workflow: My Step-By-Step Process from the Shoot to the Final Print

Bonus Chapter – Web Galleries: Getting Your Photos on the Web

Bonus Chapter – 24 Cool Lightroom Develop Presets

NOTE: To install the Develop module presets, go to the Develop module’s Presets panel (in the left side Panels area) and Right-click on User Presets. Choose Import, then navigate to the downloaded presets, select them all, and click the Import button.

Video – Creating Transparent Identity Plate Graphics

Video – Creating Identity Plates for Your Print Layouts

Video – “Kiss of Light” – COMING SOON!!