The Mac OS X Leopard book

Welcome to the video download page. These are the special training videos just for you, from the book where Scott Kelby writes: “I really want this stuff to stick, so I created a ‘recap’ video for each chapter, where I quickly go over some of the chapter highlights (read the chapter first, then watch the video).”

To watch a video online in Safari, just click on the link. To save a video to your Mac, just Control-click on the link and choose Download Linked File As.

Chapter One: 20 Things Every New Mac User Needs to Know Download Chapter 1 Video

Chapter Two: Customizing Your Mac Your Way Download Chapter 2 Video

Chapter Three: Getting Your Life Organized Download Chapter 3 Video

Chapter Four: Unlocking Your Mac’s Dashboard Download Chapter 4 Video

Chapter Five: Getting Email on Your Mac Download Chapter 5 Video

Chapter Six: Music and Your Mac Download Chapter 6 Video

Chapter Seven: Playing and Making Videos on Your Mac Download Chapter 7 Video

Chapter Eight: Managing Your Photos with iPhoto Download Chapter 8 Video

Chapter Nine: Working with Photos on Your Mac Download Chapter 9 Video

Chapter Ten: Getting On the Internet Download Chapter 10 Video