Photoshop Elements 3 for Digital Photographers

Dear Reader:

Welcome to the photo download page, where you can download the same photos I used in the book so you can follow right along with the projects.

Before we get to what to do with these photos, I want to give credit (read as: big love) to the wonderful people at Brand X Pictures. They were kind enough to let me use their amazing stock imagery in the book, but what you’re seeing here is just a tiny spec of the thousands of amazing stock photos they offer, so please drop by their web site at // and see for yourself why Brand X Pictures is making such an impact on the stock photography market.

There are some shots here that aren’t from Brand X, like the photos of my son, photos taken by me, my wife, my friends, etc. and those are downloadable here too. Of course, the whole idea behind this book is that you use these techniques or your own photos, but until you do, you can practice on these.

Also, Chapter One and Two is about using the File Browser, so it doesn’t matter one little bit which photos you use, so you don’t need to download any photos—just use any ones you have handy. Well, that’s pretty much it. I hope you enjoy following along with these images, and thanks so much for buying the book, and giving me the opportunity to show you some of the really cool things about Photoshop CS.

Just a quick reminder: These downloadable low-resolution photos, from Brand X Pictures, and the other photographers who have made their photos available to you here, are licensed for your personal use only in practicing the techniques shown in the book. They are not licensed for use in any other manner, including commercial projects, Web sites, or any other use. Thanks for honoring the copyrights of these talented photographers.

Chapter 3Download Images
Cream of the Crop
Cropping and resizing

Chapter 4Download Images
The Big Fixx
Digital Camera Image Problems

Chapter 5Download Images
Color Me Badd
Color Correction for Photographers

Chapter 6Download Images
The Mask
Selection Techniques

Chapter 7Download Images
Head Games
Retouching Portraits

Chapter 8Download Images
Invasion of the Body Snatchers Body Sculpting

Chapter 9Download Images
38 Special
Photographic Special Effects

Chapter 10Download Images
Get Back
Photo Restoration Techniques

Chapter 11Download Images
Sharp Dressed Man
Sharpening Techniques

Chapter 12Download Images
The Show Must Go On
Showing It to Your Clients