Dear Reader:

Welcome to the book’s download page, where you can download most of the same photos used in the book to follow right along with the techniques, as well as the bonus chapter I mentioned in the book’s introduction.

While the shots here are downloadable, the whole idea behind this book is that you use these techniques on your own photos, but until you do, you can practice on these (some images are not available for download due to permissions issues). Now, Chapters 1 and 11 are about using the Elements Organizer and printing, so it doesn’t matter one little bit which photos you use. You don’t need to download any photos, just use any that you have handy. Though, you can download the image used in my workflow in Chapter 11.

Well, that’s pretty much it. I hope you enjoy following along with these images, and thanks so much for buying the book, and giving me the opportunity to show you some of the really cool things about Photoshop Elements 14. Just a quick reminder: These downloadable photos, from me, Dollar Photo Club, iStock, and the other photographers who have made their photos available to you here, are licensed for your personal use only in practicing the techniques shown in the book. They are not licensed for use in any other manner, including commercial projects, websites, or any other use. Thanks for honoring our copyrights.

NOTE: Each chapter title below is a download link. To download the images, just click on each chapter’s link.

Chapter 2 – Raw Justice: Processing Your Images Using Camera Raw

Chapter 3 – Scream of the Crop: How to Resize and Crop Photos

Chapter 4 – edit: Using Quick, Guided, and Expert Editing

Chapter 5 – Layer Cake: Working with Layers

Chapter 6 – Little Problems: Fixing Common Problems

Chapter 7 – Select Start: Selection Techniques

Chapter 8 – Clone Wars: Removing Unwanted Objects

Chapter 9 – Side Effects: Special Effects for Photographers

Chapter 10 – Sharpen Your Teeth: Sharpening Techniques

Chapter 11 – Fine Print: Printing, Color Management, and My Elements 13 Workflow

Bonus Chapter – Retouch Me: Retouching Portraits