The Digital Photography Book, volume 3

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Chapter 1: Using Flash Like a Pro, Part 2

Introduction (video)

Gear Guide

How High to Position Your Flash (final image)

Chapter 2: Using Your Studio Like a Pro

You’ve Got to Have Music During the Shoot – (iTunes) TWP Model Shoot Mix:

The Easy Way to a Pure White Background (final image)

Using a Set Background (production shot)

Using V-Flats for Fashion (final image)

The Difference Between Main and Fill Light (production shot)

Chapter 3: The Truth About Lenses

Zoomed vs. Full-Frame Lenses – click here to download PDF

Lens Vignetting and How to Remove It (video)

Chapter 4: Shooting Products Like a Pro

Mixing Daylight and Studio Lights (final image)

Enhancing Highlights and Shadows in Post (video)

Special Wire for Hanging Products (video)

Hide Distracting Stuff (video)

Chapter 5: Shooting Outdoors Like a Pro

What to Do with Your HDR Shots (video)

Chapter 6: Shooting People Like a Pro

Using Scrims for Shooting in Direct Sun (final image)

Chapter 8: Pro Tips for Getting Better Photos

Shooting Home Interiors (video)

Shooting Time-Lapse Photography (Canon and Nikon) (video)

Creating Multiple Exposures in Digital (video)