Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks for Designers, vol. 2

Dear Reader:

Welcome to the book’s download page, where you can download the same images and brushes, where necessary, that I used in the book, so you can follow right along with the projects.

I want to give credit to the wonderful people at iStock and Fotolia, who were kind enough to let me use some of their amazing stock imagery in the book. What you’re seeing here is just a tiny sample of the thousands of amazing stock photos they offer. So, please drop by their websites at and and see for yourself.

A few of the shots here are mine or from one of my friends, and those are downloadable here, too. Of course, the whole idea behind this book is that you’ll use these techniques on other photos you have chosen, and that you’ll experiment with them, but to start, you can practice on these.

Just a quick reminder: These downloadable, high-resolution photos-from iStockphoto, Fotolia, myself, and my friends, and that are made available to you here-are licensed for your personal use only in practicing the techniques shown in the book. They are not licensed for use in any other manner, including commercial projects, websites, or any other use. Thanks for honoring our copyrights.

The videos are embedded using Adobe Flash Player, so if you don’t have it, you’ll need to download it (it’s free) from Adobe’s website at (look under Downloads on the lower right). Because they are in Flash, they cannot be saved to your hard drive, but must be watched on this site.

Well, that’s pretty much it. I’m truly grateful to you for buying this book and making this small investment in your creativity. The ultimate goal here is for you to have the techniques to create mind-blowing images and the confidence to experiment and find your own “Eureka!” moment.


-Corey Barker

Adobe MAX 2014 Bonus Tutorials

Bonus: Seminar Tutorial Videos

Download Corey’s Brush Set

Chapter 1: Common Techniques

Chapter 2: Type Effects

Video: Iron Fan Finishing Effects

Chapter 3: Design Effects

Video: Perforated Pattern Finishing Effects

Video: Beer Label Finishing Effects

Chapter 4: Photographer/Designer Collaboration

Video: Going Down in Flames Finishing Effects

Chapter 5: Hollywood Effects, Part 1

Chapter 5: Hollywood Effects, Part 2

Chapter 5: Hollywood Effects, Part 3

Video: Shabang Poster Finishing Effects

Video: World’s End Finishing Effects

Chapter 6: 3D Design Effects

Video: Perfume Bottle Finishing Effects