The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers

Dear Reader:

Welcome to the photo download page, where you can download the same photos I used in the book so you can follow right along with the projects.

The photos in this book come from three sources. Most of the photos I took myself over the past year, but I also asked my buddy, and fellow photographer, Dave Moser if I could use some of his wonderful work in the book as well. My third source was the great people at JupiterImages, who not only let me use some of their great royalty-free stock photos (this was especially helpful in the retouching chapter since I don’t do much portraiture), but they allowed me to let my readers download low-res versions of their images that I used in the book. Of course, the whole idea is that you’d use these techniques on your own photos, but if you want to practice on these, I won’t tell anybody. By the way, if you’re wondering why I chose JupiterImages, it’s simple. I saw their stuff, I was really impressed with what they’re doing, so I asked (okay, begged) them to let me use their royalty-free stock in the book. They’ve got a really interesting concept in royaltyfree stock, so stop by their site ( and check them out. I know this sounds like a plug for JupiterImages, and it is. They didn’t ask me to do it, but I’m so delighted to be using their images, I wanted to let them, and you, know.

Chapter 4Download Images
Super Size Me
Resizing and Cropping

Chapter 6Download Images
The Color of Memory
Color Correction Secrets

Chapter 7Download Images
Black & White
Photoshop in Black and White

Chapter 8Download Images
Modern Problems
Dealing with Image Problems

Chapter 9Download Images
Take Me Away
Removing Unwanted Objects

Chapter 10Download Images
Photograph Retouching Portraits

Chapter 11Download Images
38 Special
Photographic Special Effects

Chapter 12Download Images
Wide Receiver
Creating Panoramas

Chapter 13Download Images
Look Sharp
Sharpening Techniques

Chapter 14Download Images
Men at Work
How to Show Your Work

Chapter 15Download Images
Showing Your Client