The Lightroom Update that Changed My Life

by | 3 years ago

Over the last few months, there have been some updates to Adobe Lightroom that included the introduction of profiles. With the new updates, you can now use presets and profiles on your phone with Lightroom mobile! It’s a complete revolution because nowadays a lot of people do iPhone photography for social media.

I want to show you how amazing this upgrade is and how fast it is to retouch your photos and have beautiful results! For this to work, you need to have version 1.4 of Lightroom CC (the cloud-based version), so you need to be a Creative Cloud member.

First, Let’s Import Presets!

We’ll start by looking at how to import presets into Lightroom CC.

Step One: Once you’re in the Edit module, click on Presets at the bottom right.

Step Two: At the top, just to the left of the Profile panel, you’ll see the word “Presets” appear along with three little dots and an X. Click on the three little dots, and in the drop-down menu, click on Import Presets.

Step Three: Navigate to the presets that you want to import, and click Import. In this case, I’ll import custom presets that I created called my “Signature Presets.”

Tip: To find your Lightroom Classic custom presets, launch Lightroom Classic, go to the Presets panel, Right-click on a preset that you want to import into Lightroom CC, and click Show in Finder. To make it easier to find your presets to import them into Lightroom CC, copy your desired presets into a folder on your desktop. Important Note: Make sure the presets have an XMP file extension. The old presets had an LRTEMPLATE file extension, and will not work in Lightroom CC. In fact, they’ll most likely cause Lightroom CC to crash, and you’ll have to remove those presets manually.

Select the Preset that Fits the Mood You Want

Now, not only are all your presets in Lightroom CC, but they’re also on your Lightroom CC mobile app! We’ll take a look at the mobile app a little later.

Step One: To give you an example of how amazing presets are, I’ll use one of my Signature Presets called “GOLDEN HOUR Linear Circle Dark.” In one click of the preset, I’ve added a great mood to my photo.

Step Two: Presets are a great starting point, but after you apply them you can play around with the sliders to tailor-make your own photo. In this example, I boosted the Contrast to +30, and added some magenta by bumping the Tint up to +30.

Import Profiles!

The same basic idea works with profiles.

Step One: Expand the Profile panel, and click on Browse. Click the three dots that appear at the top right, and choose Import Profiles.

Step Two: Navigate to the profiles that you want to use, click Import, and you’re ready to go!

Tip: To find profiles that you’ve already imported into Lightroom Classic or created yourself, as before, Right-click on a preset in the Presets panel, and choose Show in Finder. Your profiles will be in the same Settings folder where your presets appear, and they also will have XMP file extensions. Copy these to a folder on your desktop to make them easy to find when you choose Import Profiles in Lightroom CC.

Step Three: You can use profiles to really create an amazing mood. When you hover your cursor over the thumbnail of a profile, you’ll see a preview of the result on your photo—you don’t have to apply the profile to see what it looks like on your image. You can create a completely different look, as in this example where I added an infrared effect.

Here’s a more natural look using my profile called “Landscape warmer.”

Tips: In both the Presets and Profile drop-down menus where you selected the Import option, you may have noticed the Manage Presets and Manage Profiles options. These allow you to hide or show sets of presets or profiles, which is great because you can hide the default presets and profiles and just show your custom or downloaded ones.

Use Presets and Profiles on Your Mobile

In the Lightroom CC app on your mobile device, you now have all the presets and profiles that you’ve imported into Lightroom CC. Just click on the preset or profile that you want to use and have fun with the different moods!

Rediscover Your Photos

The amazing thing with presets and profiles is that you can go through your old photos and re-create new moods to make them come alive. Then just tweak the colors, contrast, shadows, etc. for each image. The great thing is that it works with JPEGs and RAW files.

There you go! You can play around with the presets and profiles on your phone to quickly retouch your photos—it’s so much easier than using sliders. You can create amazing images on the spot; you don’t have to wait until you get home to develop your photos. I think this is awesome because I’m always impatient to see the final result. Have fun!