• <a href="https://members.kelbyone.com/webcast/the-grid-blind-photo-critiques-with-erik-kuna-kaylee-greer-and-sam-haddix-episode-560/">The Grid – Blind Photo Critiques with Erik Kuna, Kaylee Greer and Sam Haddix – Episode 560</a>

    May 31, 2023

    Join us for Blind Photo Critiques with Erik Kuna, Kaylee Greer and Sam Haddix This Week’s Sponsors: Imagen | Boris FX | Canon | B&H | Platypod | KelbyOne | Profoto | Litra | SlickPic | V-Flat Grid | Retouch4me

  • <a href="https://members.kelbyone.com/course/scott-kelby-ai-powered-photoshop-may-2023-release/">Getting up to Speed Fast on the AI-Powered Photoshop May 2023 Release</a>

    May 24, 2023

    Prepare to have your mind blown by the new features added to Photoshop Join Scott Kelby as he gets you up to speed fast on all the new features in both the latest version of Photoshop and the public Beta version of Photoshop. Scott shows you how to install the Beta version, and then takes […]

  • <a href="https://members.kelbyone.com/webcast/the-grid-reactions-to-adobes-big-announcement-w-scott-kelby-erik-kuna-amanda-lusant-episode-559/">The Grid – Reactions To Adobe’s Big Announcement w/Scott Kelby, Erik Kuna & Amanda Lusant – Episode 559</a>

    Join us for Episode 559 of The Grid Photography Podcast, hosted by the dynamic duo Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna In this episode, we unravel the cutting-edge Adobe Photoshop update, PlatyPod’s Kickstarter campaign, and a special SpaceX camera unboxing. 🎨 Adobe’s Generative AI Photoshop Update: In this episode, we break down Adobe’s latest Photoshop update, […]

  • <a href="https://members.kelbyone.com/lesson/the-remove-tool/">The Remove Tool</a>

    The Remove Tool is a powerful new feature for removing all kinds of things from your photos.

  • <a href="https://members.kelbyone.com/lesson/adding-clouds-and-removing-tourists/">Adding Clouds and Removing Tourists</a>

    You’re going to love these ways to use Generative Fill to take your photos to new levels.

  • <a href="https://members.kelbyone.com/lesson/live-gradients/">Live Gradients</a>

    A Live Gradient is a new way to add a gradient with more control and flexibility.

  • <a href="https://members.kelbyone.com/lesson/adjustment-presets/">Adjustment Presets</a>

    You can now apply adjustment presets to your photos for different looks.

  • <a href="https://members.kelbyone.com/lesson/replacing-backgrounds/">Replacing Backgrounds</a>

    Combining Select Subject and Generative Fill you can create all new scenes for your subjects.

  • <a href="https://members.kelbyone.com/lesson/creating-images-from-scratch/">Creating Images from Scratch</a>

    You can use Generative Fill to create an entire scene from a blank canvas.

  • <a href="https://members.kelbyone.com/lesson/adding-new-elements/">Adding New Elements</a>

    Scott expands on different use case scenarios for how Generative Fill will change your workflow.

  • <a href="https://members.kelbyone.com/lesson/introducing-generative-fill/">Introducing Generative Fill</a>

    This AI-powered tool will blow your mind!

  • <a href="https://members.kelbyone.com/lesson/contextual-task-bar/">Contextual Task Bar</a>

    Scott introduces the course and talks about the contextual task bar.